Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is a form of bankruptcy that allows you to eliminate debt without repaying your creditors. Common examples of debts that can be eliminated through bankruptcy are credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, judgments and reposession deficiencies.

It is very common for people to make minimum payments on their debts for years, raiding their retirement savings, shifting balances from credit card to credit card, and attempting to work with their creditors, only to find themselves no better off than when they started.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a responsible way for you to:

  • Eliminate debt

  • Stabilize your finances

  • Set the foundation for rebuilding your good credit

The most common benefit of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the speed with which you can achieve a fresh start. Unlike a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, in a Chapter 7, you are not required to make payments to creditors over time. Debts discharged in a Chapter 7 are eliminated once the discharge is received. Another advantage of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is that your debt is usually discharged within four to six months of the filing of your case.

When you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, your creditors must stop the following actions as soon as your case is filed: harassing collection calls, garnishment of wages, pursuit of judgments through lawsuits, repossession and foreclosure.

Furthermore, your credit can potentially be rebuilt faster after filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy than by not filing at all. Many people are surprised that they are actually able to keep most or all all of their property which can include your house, cars, retirement accounts, cash, and your household goods and furnishings.

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