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We’ve helped thousands achieve debt relief, both outside of and inside of the Bankruptcy Process.
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We are a debt relief agency.

We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. In fact we’ve helped thousands of people find relief under the bankruptcy code for over 24 years.  If you are owed money, we can also help you enforce your rights in the Bankruptcy Court.

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Mike Nicastro is the best Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange County


After the industry I work in collapsed in 2008, I had built up quite a bit of debt. I did not want to file bankruptcy, and would at times be able to pay down some of the debt. But just when it looked like I could make it, a few slow months would hit and we’d be back in a bad situation financially. Mike’s staff was very helpful in guiding us through the paperwork we had to complete and soon we were ready to officially file. Within a few months of our court date, our bankruptcy was discharged. It turns out the process was much easier than we expected. Now, few months after the discharge, the stress is gone and we begun the rebuilding process. Mike was great!

– Tim

Compassionate and Professional


I met Mr. Nicastro through an associate and later went to him for assistance with my financial issues. He was attentive, thorough, compassionate and reassuring. It was extraordinarily hard for me to make the decision to file but he assured me that even the best people run into problems and filing for bankruptcy is not a financial/credit rating death sentence. His staff members are truly professionals. They guided me through every step, kept in close contact via email, and responded to my phone calls and emails promptly. Overall, the entire process went smoothly and I don’t have any regrets. I highly recommend his services.

– Kristine

Very helpful and professional


We ran into financial issues and with a newborn it was tough to keep up on payments. We were referred to Michael Nicastro and we went and met with him for a consultation. After that meeting we were sold. He guided us on what we need to do and what we needed to gather. Ever time we met with him be was very polite and assured us everything would be ok. I would definitely recommend Mr. Nicastro to anyone who is need of his assistance.

– Chris

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